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I offer 30min, 60min and 90min fully naturist sensual massages.

Soothing sensations massage

30min naturist massage

My “SOOTHING SENSATIONS MASSAGE” is designed for those of you who have a short amount of time in your busy schedule. This sensual massage is 30mins of destressing massage and sensual touch which is designed to soothe your body and mind and allows you to experience total relaxation with complete satisfaction.



Magical hands massage

60min naturist massage

Come and experience my “MAGICAL HANDS MASSAGE”. This is a full body massage designed to soothe away the stress and strains of an everyday modern life style. Come and relax and be totally pampered. This massage will leave you floating on air!

You will receive a complete hour of destressing massage, incorporating sensual touch and erotic body to body massage techniques, with tantalising tantric massage elements.

Lay back, be pampered and experience the magical sensations my hands and body can bring to you!



Tingling Temptations Massage

90min naturist massage

My “TINGLING TEMPTATIONS MASSAGE” is designed for those of you that desire a little more pamper time. With this 90 minute massage you will experience sheer pleasure with a combination of sensual, erotic, body to body massage with aspects of tantric and nuru massage.

Let me tempt and tease your body and mind to the pinnacle of absolute tingling delight!



Ladies sensual massage

Sensual massage is not about sex and it’s not just for men! We all feel the need for relaxation to release the stress from our busy life styles. What better way to unwind than with my soft, sensual strokes to soothe and stimulate your body and mind to leave you floating on air!

I will discuss with you your desires and limitations and adjust the massage to suit your needs to ensure you receive the most sensual and satisfying massage experience.

30 min soothing sensations naturist massage £40.00

60 min magical hands naturists massage £60.00

90 min tingling temptations naturist massage £100.00


Couples sensual Double delight massages

Double delight 30 min each sensual naturist massage for 1 hour

Double delight 60 min each sensual naturist massage for 2 hours

Sensual massage with a partner can be an exhilarating and rewarding experience and something you can take home to try together.

All couples are different, some couples like to sit back and relax and watch their partner receive their massage while other couples enjoy participating in a 4 hand massage with their partner or you could have a combination of both, the choice is yours.

Whether you choose the one or two hour “DOUBLE DELIGHT” massage, you will receive the full allotted time each of sensual, erotic touch with elements of tantric massage designed to arouse and stimulate each other and bring you closer as couple.

30 min each sensual naturist massage for 1 hour £75.00

60 min each sensual naturist massage for 2 hours £150.00


Please call me on 07415 458 883 for more information and to book an appointment for your Massage in Gravesend.